About ZDS

As the umbrella organisation of organised pig production in Germany, Zentralverband der Deutschen Schweineproduktion (ZDS) comprises nearly all breeding organisations and organisations for artificial insemination and nearly all farmers organisations for sows, piglets, fattening and slaugtering pigs as well as agricultural consulting organisations.
Other companies from the pig sector could become extraordinary membership.


ZDS represents the interests of organised pig production on national and international level and coordinates within Germany the fields of breeding, artificial insemination, research (A.I., genomic, biotechnology), reproduction hygiene and data acquisition and data evaluation. In addition, ZDS is concerned with actual questions in exchange with the political and administrative level, the other umbrella organisations within the agricultural sector und subsequent fields.

Contribution to legislation

ZDS is contacted when matters as cattle identification, animal breeding law, eradication of zoonoses, animal welfare, biotechnology or market are discussed in Bonn and Brussels. In such meetings ZDS represents the interests of organised pig production and of the farmer.

Artificial insemination and biotechnology

In the fields of artificial insemination uniform hygiene and quality standards must be developed and implemented on national and EU level. Increasing international trade requires manifold activities to harmonise regulations in the fields of hygiene and breeding. In addition questions as training of farmers in AI. Since 1995, German institutions have been working on behalf of ZDS and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research on a research project for genome analysis..


ZDS supports the worldwide exportation of German pig genetics by elaboration of improved export conditions. Financial support by the Central Marketing Organisation of German Agriculture (CMA) enables the publication of promotion flyers by ZDS. The participation in fairs and exhibitions abroad is sponsored by the CMA and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture as well as the invitation of foreign delegations and the organisation of promotion events in countries of special interest.

International contacts

In Brussels ZDS represents the interests of German pig production through an own office of the German Animal Breeders’ Federation (ADT). ZDS is member of European Pig Producers (EPP), the European Pig Selection and Production Association (EPSPA) and the European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders (EFFAB). In cooperation with the ADT Projekt GmbH ZDS is considerably involved in the development of pig breeding in Middle and Eastern Europe.

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